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Some Like It Hot – Amana Hot! Amana HOT combines modern technology with the ancient discipline of yoga. Hot yoga heating offers waves of energy that penetrate deep into the human body (approx. 4 cm) gently elevating the body’s surface temperature detoxifying the body at a cellular level while burning fat, de-stressing, improving your flexibility and strength.

Other benefits include joint mobility, promotes healing, reduces muscle stiffness and pain, decreases soreness & inflammation, increases circulation, improves skin tone (it will even heal sunburn), promotes weight loss, enhances heart function, lowers blood pressure, reduces tension, and speeds recovery.

Power Yoga is definitely an intense workout that will make you sweat. A traditional Ashtanga practice follows the same series of poses and makes you hold each for five breaths before moving through a Vinyasa. Power Yoga classes move with an even faster rhythm.

Yoga For Kids allows children to get some physical activity, increasing mobility and flexibility it can also help increase mind/body awareness. Practicing yoga regularly enables children to improve concentration and has been proven to reduce anxiety. Starts Sunday January 10 at 12 noon at the Amana Yoga Saint John location. 8 week session is $80 plus tax, second child is $60 plus tax, additional children will be $40 plus tax. Age Group – 5yrs to 12yrs.

Indoor Cycling, often called “Spinning”, is a group exercise class done on stationary bikes. During the class, the instructor simulates a ride and together you will travel on flat roads, climb hills, jump,sprint and race! It is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness with very low-impact on the joints of the body. At Soulrider Cycling you can cycle all year round – regardlessof the weather outside! All levels of cyclists are welcome in any class, because you control your speed and your tension levels. Running shoes or cycling shoes with SPD or LOOK clips are required.

Yoga for Beginners Yoga can seem intimidating and finding the right class can be confusing. In this Beginners Class we will start from the ground up, keeping an eye on your alignment every step of the way.

You will discover how your breath can ease not only your mind, but help you deepen into your practice as well. Together we will find out how the poses can work for you personally. We will work on Pranayama (breath control) , Asana (poses).

After taking this class you will begin to feel comfortable most of the other classes we offer. At Amana Yoga we believe It’s All About You. Heated Stretch Will gently stretch tissues that form our joints, building flexibility and strength. Postures are held for 2-3 minutes allowing the tough connective tissue time to yield and stretch. Longer poses also allow for a very meditative environment, quietening the mind and allowing time to focus on the breath.

Class Schedule

Date Time Class Instruction
May 20 2017 5:00pm Yoga for Everybody Lacie White
May 21 2017 6:00pm Yoga for Everybody Lacie White
May 24 2017 5:00pm Yoga for Everybody Tyler Johnson
May 28 2017 5:00pm Yoga for Everybody Tony Black
May 30 2017 5:00pm Yoga for Everybody Lacie White